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Updated 11/29/2015

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Native ASL signers (who began learning ASL before age 4/attended a residential school)

Think you can spot a native signer when you see one? What about their signing gives them away? Participate in our project investigating native and non-native accent in ASL!

The experiment lasts only an hour, and we will pay you $10 for your help!

If interested, contact: Amber.Goeke@Gallaudet.edu


 ASL accent experiment

$10 for 1 hour study




Beginning Signers (who have completed ASL 2, but have not completed ASL 3).

Ever been mistaken for a native/Deaf signer? Ever been identified as HEARING in the first 5 seconds of conversation? Ever wonder why?  Participate in our project investigating native and non-native accent in ASL!

The experiment lasts only an hour, and we will pay you $10 for your help!

If interested, contact: Amber.Goeke@Gallaudet.edu


ASL accent experiment           

$10 for 1 hour study           


posted 10/23/08

The Children's Tree House

The Children's Tree House has been providing community activities, referrals, and resources for families with deaf children or parents



You are advised to contact the event organizer (if provided) on any of the events to confirm these events before attending. We appreciate your assistance in notifying us if any event is cancelled or discontinued. Contact us via email at sacaslevents@yahoo.com

flyinghandsroseville2015noRR.jpg (229173 bytes)

Roseville Flying Hands


(Near Jamba Juice, Coldstone, and Quizno’s)

Creekside Town Center (Across from the Galleria Mall)

Contact Josh at rosedeaf@surewest.net, Nirlesh at nirleshm@gmail.com , or Shane at smolson72@gmail.com

for more information.

7:30pm - 10pm

2nd and 4th Friday of the month


posted 2/1/15

elkgrovecoffee2015.jpg (953261 bytes)

posted 2/1/15

Placerville Deaf Social

PLACERVILLE Round Table Pizza
3975 Missouri Flat Road #240
Placerville, CA 95667

6pm to 11pm

(Need Contact Information)

1st Friday of the month

updated 4/28/08

Lakeport ASL Social

Alternates between Round Table Pizza and the bowling alley.

Starts at 6:00 pm


1st Friday of the month

posted 4/27/06



posted 2/1/15

Auburn Social


Auburn Town Center
392 Elm Avenue
Auburn, California 95603
(530) 823-1528


2nd Friday of the month

Dave&Buster Deaf Social

The social starts at 7:30 pm til' closing time.

Must be 21+ and have a valid id for admittance. Anybody is more than welcome to come to this free event, but minors can definitely get in, only when accompanied by an adult 25+. 

D&B Deaf Social is at 174 Roseville Parkway Roseville, CA.

Facebook email for D&B Deaf Social is: ChrisBoyce150@yahoo.com, anyone is welcome to add me there or ask me any question if they have any.

1st Saturday of the Month

posted 7/19/10

posted 10/7/14

"Sacramento ASL Training Program"

What: Free American Sign Language Class
Why: Improve your sign skills, meet new friends! Good to receive training to have a better communication when interviewing, working or even going to school.
Who: For family and friends, everyone who has an interest in sign!
When: Every Tuesday night 7:00pm
Where: 4125 San Juan Avenue, Fair Oaks, CA 95628
Sister Missionaries at aslmissionaries@gmail.com or
916-436-7795 –VP   916-705-8314-V-TEXT

edited  11/29/15

Welcome Deaf Friendly Social

Potlucks and Games

3rd Saturday of the month 

5:00pm - ????

Arden-Dimick Library

891 Watt Ave. Sacramento, CA 95864

(Watt and Northrop Ave.)



$2.00/Senior Citizen over 55 years old

$2.00/person if you bring a food dish

$2.00/Kids under 12 years old


GAMES (Must be over 18 to play)



Please contact Matt F. at 916-215-5024 voice or text

posted 3/12/13

posted 2/1/15

posted 2/1/15

posted 2/1/15

Check Here for Open Captioned Movies

sponsored by Insight Cinemas

Contact theaters for times

Other theater links:




For service learning information, please contact Ellis Jones.

Phone number:  650-2918

I am sure Ellis would be happy to explain the Service Learning program to you if you have any questions. This is a great way for you to use the skills you learn in class.

Links to other sites


A Show of Hands

Sacramento Deaf Services Library Foundation

ASL University

SVACCD (Sacramento Valley Angling & Camping Club of the Deaf)

Norcal Center on Deafness

Deaf Counseling, Advocacy and Referral Agency (DCARA)

California School for the Deaf-Fremont


(Lots of information, including movies, Bay Area events, online store)

IMPACT (Independently Merging Parents Associations of California Together for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children)

Deaf Chat Coffee

Las Vegas area Socials

www.monicacolomyskincare.com (make-up & skin care. Owner signs.)

Josephine A. Sheehey Financial Services - www.sheeheyfinancial.com (CODA)


Canadian Dictionary of ASL

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